Jürgen started fishing as a young boy under the guidance of his grandfather in Germany. From his first fish, “Jürgen was hooked” and fishing has been his great passion ever since. In the late 1980s, he emigrated to Spain for the fish. He concentrated on the king of rivers – the Rio Ebro. In all those years of professional guiding, he fished the Ebro from Zaragoza to its mouth in the Mediterranean. Jürgen knows this water system inside out – which helps him to always stay “on the fish”. No other guide has fished the Ebro, its lakes and tributaries as long and as intensively as he has.

BATV interview with Jürgen (starting at min. 11:30)

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Our company EBRO UNLIMITED fulfills all the requirements of Spain, especially those of the state of Aragon, for professional fishing guiding. This includes, among other things, liability and accident insurance, fire protection design of our accommodation and first aid training for our guides to ensure the best possible protection for our customers.