Ebro Fishing

Our fishing options on the Ebro are available in the popular bank based pellet style, but we can also offer a completely different approach to fishing if that's what you prefer. We haven't tried to over expand at Ebro Unlimited, prefering to to keep the number of clients staying with us at any time relatively low in order to maintain the standards high. This means that we can focus our attention on your groups fishing needs more carefully without constantly passing you on to inexperience junior guides. The Ebro is a dynamic environment, and it often changes from week to week.

Guided fishing is something that many companies offer as part of a fixed price package. We could easily offer these type of packages but it totally goes against the ethos of real fishing for us. Fishing in long lines with other anglers on the bank and getting told when to wake up, how to fish, having your rod baited, struck and then being told it's someone else's "shift" on the rods... This just isn't what we're about. We wouldn't want this on a fishing holiday and we don't expect our guests to put up with it either!

Our Guided options include, but are not limited to:

• Experience spin fishing for zander on secret areas of the upper lake (catch and release)
• Try the art of lure fishing for catfish on the upper reaches of the river on specialist boats
• Target the mighty Ebro carp in areas that have already been baited
• Take it easy and enjoy relaxing bank methods only with your own group

Try New Fishing Styles on the Ebro

The Ebro is typically approached by rowing pellets from a static position for carp and catfish. We acknowledge this method can be effective, and we're happy to assist you if that's the way you'd like to approach your fishing.

Sometimes we find clients on holiday like to try things that are a little different. For example, we have a custom boat that allows anglers to effectively work areas of the upper reaches of the Segre and Cinca when it is suffering from excess weed during the warmer months.

On the upper lake, nothing beats exploring the wilderness on a powerful boat that is suitable for non fishing partners as well as anglers! The scenery in the far flung areas is simply breathtaking, and the likelihood is that a variety of birdlife can be seen. The fishing is equally stunning.

Carping on the Ebro has become very popular in recent years with good reason. Usually the difference between success and failure is as simple as good advice on location, and also pre-bait. We're confident that with Ebro Unlimited you have the best chance of success. The comfort factor is also very high with us, with most of our accomodation being just a stone's throw from the river.

Above all else, we're flexible in the ways you can fish the Ebro. We can't list every fishing possibilty available, but tell us what you'd like to do and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs. If you have non-fishing partners or children, we'll do our best to make the day as comfortable as possible for them too.

The boats we offer for your personal fishing, if you choose not to be guided for the day and well suited to the Ebro. In most instances we provide 15hp Quintrex boats, which are both fast and stable. Anglers who have experienced the Ebro before will appreciate that these boats are ideal for effectively fishing the river. Groups wishing to rent other tackle or those needing licenses can also be accomodated.