Ebro Fishing Boats

Fishing on the Ebro without a good boat is possible, but we can't say we recommend it. Even pellet fishing from the bank can call for a safe boat to apply force to a fish that has become snagged. Additionally it's always nice to know that you're not tied to a spot just because you don't have a boat. Our boats are 15hp and big enough to accomodate 4 men. They're also large enough to navigate the river if the wind picks up (of course using common sense.)

All of our boats are fully licensed with the Spanish authorities and clearly display the "CHE" number. Whilst there are some independent operators that offer just boat hire, many of these are designed at catering for the Spanish market and don't often represent the best performance or quality.

In some instances we can also offer boat hire for anglers with their own accomodation, feel free to contact us to check availability in advance.

And finally....ALL OF OUR PACKAGES INCLUDE A POWER BOAT. You'll find that the companies that say you don't need a boat are the same ones that don't offer them! We could offer cheaper prices, but we rely on repeat business and we just can't lie and say you don't need one to fish effectively!