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Ebro Fishing is some of the best in the world - if you know what you're doing. Of course there are days when certain species are going crazy and an ill planned approach can still snag a few fish. Most of the time however a little bit of experience is needed to know exactly how to approach things and this is when you need a guide with more experience than just rowing pellets from the same swim everyday for the last two years.
Our chief guide Jürgen first started fishing in Germany as a small boy with his grandfather. From his first fish he was hooked, and angling has since been Jürgen's driving passion. In the late 1980's he came over to Spain and started tackling the numerous lakes and rivers in Spain, concentrating on the King of Spanish venues, the Ebro. Over the last 20 years of professional guiding, he has fished the Ebro from the upper reaches at Escatron right the way down to the Delta. He has a global knowledge of the whole system and can draw on this when conditions are challenging. There is no other guide in Spain today that has such comprehensive experience.

Jürgen Stegherr - Certified IGFA Captain
Lifetime Member

Your Ebro holiday is different with Ebro Unlimited. With us you have the option to:

Ask us for our advice when you need it, but ultimately choose how you want to fish
• Enjoy real guiding with you're in your own group, not in a row
• Explore wider parts of the river where you want either guided or in your personal power boat
• Fish when you want - if you wan't to take it easier at times it's your call

Beyond the Ebro

In addition to guiding on the Ebro since 1988, Jürgen has also fished and guided extensively in other countries. He has targetted catfish and other species in Hungary, Italy (where he was a catfish guide for two years), Romania (over 20 times for zander and catfish), Kazakhstan and even Greece! He has also enjoyed success on the Baltic sea for pike and perch.

Outside of Europe, he has fished for and guided on several trips to Alaska, targetting salmon, halibut and pike. In Canada he has successful caught good numbers of Salmon, Steelhead, Halibut and Sturgeon.

Jürgen is proud to have caught almost every species of Marlin. He has also caught Swordfish and Sharks from venues as diverse as Mauritius, Thailand, Senegal, Azores, Croatia, Cabo Verde, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela and most recently Kenya.

The elusive Mekong Catfish is another species that Jürgen has successfully cracked as well as the hard fight Channel Catfish from the Missisipi in the USA.

He has fished with success in Mongolia for Lenoktrout, Amurtrout, Amurpike and Taimen. To complete his impressive resume, he has fished successfully for Nile Perch.

As well as gaining immense angling experience, Jürgen truly understands what guided fishing and quality accomodation should be, and he offers you the chance to enjoy these exacting standards right here on the Ebro.

Ebro Fishing Friends

Over the years on the Ebro, Jürgen has been featured in numerous European fishing publications including John Wilson's fishing safari, Blinker, Fisch n Fang, Esox, Angelwoche, Petri Heil, Fischabenteuer, Peche Fun, Le Pecheur, La Peche des Carnassiers and Peche Brochet-Sandre.

More importantly, he has had the pleasure of fishing with many friends and fishing celebrities. He would like to take this opportunity to thank them for many productive and fun sessions, as well as the many tactics and new approaches he has learnt over the years. Jürgen would like to be able to share this experience with his guests at the Ebro.

Jürgen would like to extend a special thanks to Olivier Portrat for both numerous fishing trips over the years as well as permission to use his photography in parts of the Ebro Unlimited website.

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